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Origins of Newark Slang

Origins Of Newark Slang

The history of Newark slang is rooted in the tribal nature of the town. This situation has led to native Newarkers forming their own dialect indistinguishable to other areas in Britain. Such is the tribal nature of Newark that many individual areas have their own words. For instance Pancrack is a baldetonian word which has only very recently become widely used. The chief concern of tribal Newarkers is the ancient hierachy of coring (fighting) and a large amount of time and launguage is dedicated to this cause. Although there has been little research into this phenomenon it is widely assumed that being hard is, like class systems, often passed down from father to son. This has led to the establishment of many coring dynastys in the town, with several gaining national fame (Pickerings) and notoriety (Fearons) for such behaviour.

Another major source of the dialect is found amongst the consideable gypsy population of Newark. Traditionally this group represents a long-standing threat to the other coring tribes in Newark. This is mainly because of their naturally barbaric and primitive nature which is threatening even to the coring tribes of Newark. The Gypos live outside the town boundaries and continue to wage night raids against those within the towns drinking establishments. The battle to be the chief geara (man) in these venues has been the greatest source of cores since records began. It is widely believed that Newark Castle was constructed as a response to the Gypo threat.

It can be noted that much of Newark slang is common across various parts of the U.K. This is due to the Gypos. The nomadic nature of the gypos has led to their dialect becoming a fusion of various slang terms. Tribal Newarkers view gypo speak as a sign of strength and eagerly adapt their slang. As a result Newark is itself a fusion of tribal Newark and Gypo slang which is common throughout England.


Due to the above facts this dictionary will never be complete. One of the most exciting aspects of Newark slang is that it is constantly evolving. Abbreviations are being abbreviated all the time. Words are often introduced by gypos or are made up on the spot, such as, Kreg which recently became idiot. However to create a word you must understand the intricacies of the dialect. If your word is to be adapted you must gain respect from a geara of tribal or gypo importance. During conversation, it is important to understand the context in which these words are being made up. If you are caught out while conversing with the wrong person, the consequences could be fatal! Avoid such situations until confidant in your ability to understand the dialect.

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