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Use and Pronounciation of Newark Slang



The Dialect of Newark is generally known to all locals but is only used extensively by the young, unemployed and the stupid. It is unsafe to venture into two areas of the town without full knowledge of the dialect;


1) Time and Diva nightclub (formerly Caesars Palace).  The main drinking center and A major source of the towns cores. It is here where tribal and Gypo battles are most common. Without full understanding of the dialect the vistor is vulnerable as he will be considered a manboy and not worth scarrat (WEAK).


2) Newark is nationally recognised as a historic market town.  The Newark Market Place is a center of trade but also a starting point for many cores as characters in Time often work the market which plays host to many characters. It is impossible to conduct buisness with locals without a basic knowledge of the local dialect


Now that the previous rules have been taken into account, you are ready to progress into learning the commonly used words, which are spoken throughout Newark and its surroundings areas.


Pronunciation of Normal English Words when in Newark


Before learning Newark Slang it is important to understand some of the complexities surrounding the dialect. Newark speak is essentially English with several extra words. However in order to be accepted as a local it is expected to adhere to several rules regarding pronunciation.


Here are the golden rules that should be followed at all times. 


Words with a vowel followed by an R are always mispronounced.                                                       


"Bird for example becomes Bod Word becomes Wod


Any word beginning with H is also mispronounced. 


Hair becomes air and likewise Horse becomes Oss


Any word, which ends with a Y or Ey, is actually pronounced with an Ay sound. 


Blurry is pronounced Blurray




When adressing another person always end the sentence with Chav


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